Monday, January 11

iPhone compatability

When I moved to the current theme, I received a couple emails telling me that the theme is hard to read on an iPhone.  So I fixed that.  If you browse to the blog on an iPhone you will now receive a completely different screen and interface, one that is very iPhone compatible, user-friendly, and still allows you to use all the features of the site (commenting, emailing, etc) as you normally would.

So here's what it will look like now when you navigate to the site on an iPhone:

You notice the drop down at the top right of the screen?  This allows you to view the site via RSS, sort by category, even Email me directly from the blog.

If you don't like how the page looks on the iPhone, you can turn this feature off by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and flicking the switch, as seen below:

This is all made possible by the WPtouch theme.  Thanks Wordpress.


Christian said...

Just rolled that on my WP too - pain free and seems to do the job great!

Bryce Roney said...

Have you tried a service like that lets you keep some of your original design style?