Monday, January 11

Firefox 3.6rc1 is out

Mozilla has put out Firefox Release Candidate for version 3.6 of the browser, and as always, it's publicly available via their website.  Just a reminder that this is an RC, not a full version upgrade or anything, and it's essentially beta code, so your milage may vary.

The list of bugs that go into 3.6 that are fixed are pretty significant, even several security updates.

Which tells me that the release of 3.6 isn't far behind.

Firefox keeps up upgrading, and while it's by far the favorite browser of my blog readers, I can't help plugging Chrome, even in it's Mac Beta/Dev status, it's a great browser.  I am of the opinion that Chrome is much faster than Firefox.  Firefox still feels bloated and slow to me.

One of my favorite features is that Firefox will warn you of out of date plugins, while it did this pretty reliably to begin with, I can't help but think this is better.  This is pretty important for things, obviously, like Flash.

Go to the first link above, check out the release notes, give it a download.  See how it handles, and if you feel like it, report back here and let me know your results.  I'll stick to Chrome for now.


Jeremy Johnson said...

I use Firefox pretty much exclusively, however, I agree with the bloated comment, especially is you have a lot of plug ins, which I do. I tried Chrome when it first came out but found very quickly that I didn't like much of the incompatibility for certain websites, i.e. exchange web mail. I have found great comfort in IE render'ers in Firefox plug ins to remedy similar behavior within Firefox, again making the browser very sluggish, but also making it a one stop shop. My question for you is, was my opinion of Chrome premature? Has it gotten better and more compatible since it's release?

Joel Esler said...

I have a high opinion of chrome so far. It's far more stable and the
JavaScript execution is very fast. I suggest a try.

Joel Esler