Saturday, March 8

Subscribers Part 2

In my previous post I said that I lost about 100 subscribers.  Looks like one of the url's that I had through Google Reader didn't transfer over, and one of the url's that bloglines grabs didn't transfer over.

See the problem is this:  
Some people subscribed to
Some subscribed to

Under those two domain names, some people subscribed to the rss.xml, and others subscribed to the atom.xml.  (Little did you know, it was the same exact file.. heh)

That's a potential of 4 different subscription points.  Then, as I have been trying to do, I had everyone (using mod_redirect) reading the feeds from feedburner.  At this url:  This is the url that is now managing all the feeds.

So what it looks like happened is, I lost all the people that were subscribed through Google Reader and Bloglines at the url.   I can correct some of that, by using webhops and redirects, but I think I'll wind up losing about 50 or so still.

So, here is the correct URL to repoint your rss readers at.  I apologize for all the moving and confusion around here.  Switching my blog from blogger to hosted, and back, then moving from Georgia to Delaware, in the meantime switching ISP's 3x.  It caused some havok.

So, I apologize, now, my blog is hosted through the custom domain feature at Google, I should have no problems, and I won't move it anymore.  Thanks for your patience.

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