Wednesday, March 12

PaulDotCom Community Blog

So, over on the PaulDotCom mailing list several of us were discussing the idea for a wiki strictly for the security community.  Sections for malware, IDS's, Anti-virus and such.  I thought this was a good idea.  Then we said, "Hey, since the new mainstream media for people in our line of work is quickly becoming blogs and online journalism, why don't we start a blog.  But instead of just one person being able to blog, open the blog to lots of people.  People we know of course, but more than just a couple people.  How diverse would that be?

Well, Paul (of PaulDotCom) started the blog over at and is going to be adding bloggers soon.  I think this might be a very interesting experiment.  

I've also linked it over on the blog roll on the right ----->

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