Thursday, March 27

A new podcast hits the airwaves

Last night Dr. Johannes and I sat down and recorded the first podcast of the Internet Storm Center.  Episode One.  The audio on my mic at the beginning is a bit low (I wasn't close enough to the mic), and Johannes's mic almost the whole way through was red peaking.  (I had him turned up too loud).  We recorded the whole thing over Skype, and I used Garargeband to master the sound.  It was pretty cool.  I am still learning how to use Garageband, so you might have to bear with me for a couple podcasts still, but I'm getting it.  In total there are about 8 tracks on the podcast, all requiring equalization and mastering, fading in and out, album art... etc.  So, it was kind of interesting.  

You can get the podcast through iTunes here.  (Hit subscribe, it'll download the newest one)  Or for you non-iTunes users, you can get it here.  Right now I only have it available in m4a (aac compression), but we should get the mp3 up very soon.  (I ran out of time last night, screaming baby and all)

On another note...

Paul of PaulDotCom and I were talking this morning about some potential podcast ideas, and we think we have come up with a good idea.  So those of you that are involved in podcasting about security, please start watching your inbox for emails from me/paul/johannes involved an idea we may have.  I know many of you read this blog either directly or through a syndicated feed, so, keep an eye out.

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Luvz2Fly said...

Downloading now - Always nice to see a new tech podcast! Thanks