Tuesday, November 6

TWiT -- This Week in Tech

This week I started listening to TWiT, otherwise known as This Week in Tech. With Leo Laporte and John Dvorak.

First of all, little bit of background, I listen to two (now three) podcasts. I listen to Diggnation (which is what got me started listening to Podcasts), and the Totally Rad Show. Both have Alex Albrecht in them, (he’s pretty funny), and the former has Kevin Rose, founder of and both are from the TechTV show The Screen Savers. Which was a show ‘back in the day’ before G4 bought the channel and ruined it. Anyway...

I started listening to TWiT (Leo Laporte was also a host of The Screen Savers) today and kinda like it. There are just a couple things about it that I am not in total agreement with. First of all, it’s press and media ish people. There are no real real real geeks on the show. (Alex and Kevin have even lost a bit of touch.) Hello? There are geeks out there people that have the ability to talk to the public as well! (Uh, me?) People can joke and be knowledgeable at the same time.

Second, one of things I found interesting in the TWiT podcast was John Dvorak. Now we all know Dvorak as the guy who is really big into bashing all things everything. Apple, Microsoft, etc. He’s got something to say. Most of which I agree with (when it comes to Microsoft being an evil corporation), but some of it I do not. (Like his famed Apple punditry). But it was interesting to hear him (in TWiT episode 119) say basically, look people Microsoft is done. Buy a Mac. It’s over for MSFT. Something I have been saying for awhile, because I pretty much dislike anything MSFT. But it was interesting to hear Dvorak say that.

Third, Leo doesn’t read his email. (He said this on Episode 119) I don’t know how you can survive without reading or writing email, since that is the mainstream form of communication now adays. But anyway, to each his own.

On the email note, I recently received an email chastising me about not writing on the blog anymore. Truth is, I’ve been very busy and haven’t had time to do a proper review of any tech stuff, and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in packets. (which I suppose I could write about).

Thanks to the couple hundred readers that I do have, I’ll have to get back on the blogging wagon. I always think that no one reads this thing until I start getting emails asking me to “write something new!” “Haven’t heard from you in awhile!”

Back to podcasts --

I was actually asked to start a podcast on general tech/security stuff, but I declined. First of all, who has the time? I wouldn’t do it alone, and the people I would want to do a podcast with would probably make fun of me for asking them to do it. (Although, if they did, it would be the funniest podcast out there, bar none.)

If you have any podcasts out there that you think I should be listening to, please let me know!

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