Sunday, November 25

I decided I should go ahead and actually get a primary domain, instead of surfing off of (which is a dynamic dns freebie domain (, and bought I couldn't get, my long lost twin in Australia owns that one, and I am not a .org, so I didn't get that one. and were also taken, or I would have grabbed those as well. That way I could set up fun email address for the whole family.

The only one that was available is, but they want 2500 bucks for that one. I'm not going to pay 2500 bucks for my own damn last name. But used to be a website for an airport in Alexandria, Louisiana, (seriously! Esler airpark!), so someone has it parked, and has the stranglehold on that one currently. I actually landed at the airpark once when I was in the military. We were going to Fort Polk, and that's the airport we landed in. Of course I didn't know it until later.

I have email here, all the DNS zones I can handle, and loads of other goodies that you can do with your own domain. So I have changed my email on the right of page to reflect my new domain. will still work for now, it's free! But eventually, when I get tired of renewing it every 90 days, I'll ditch it.


Joel Esler said...

Glad to see you got that domain. Now we each have one and no one has to di e in a gladiatorial arena.

- the other Joel Esler.

Joel Esler said...

Although that would be funny to seen drawn out in a comic ;)