Monday, November 5

Google Phone, Apple Stock, and other Random Blatherings

Today’s news has just been a buzz with Google’s announcement of their “gphone”. Wait...

Google’s phone is NOT a PHONE! It’s Open Software, FOR phones. Google isn’t making a phone (yet), and no products have been announced. So at this point, this is ‘releaseware’. Other phone companies (Motorola, Sony, Nokia, and the like) have to want to put Google’s software on their phones. Will they do that? When they have a significant investment in their own OS’es on their phones now? Time will tell.

Apple’s Stock Price --

I can’t complain. Everytime Apple’s stock price levels out and doesn’t go anywhere for awhile, they introduce something new. iPhone, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, 3rd Quarter earnings, new laptops... just keep on going Apple, keep on going.

I’ve noticed as of late alot of trolls in some IRC channels that I am in. Why would you come into a product channel and say “your product sucks because ”? Do I jump into the #windows channel and say “Control Panel sucks, therefore the whole OS sucks!” No!, because that’s called “Trolling”! Why would you pop in one of my channels, where clearly, there are alot of people that know more about the product then you and say something insane like.. “You can’t achieve >1 Gig speeds with your product!”.

Sorry, just needed to vent.

For those reading this blog looking for leopard feedback, here you go. I like it. There are only a couple things I can’t get to work. Back to my Mac for one (probably because of some firewall setting I have), local lan browsing always doesn’t work, and my laptop battery power really really sucks now. I can drain my whole laptop battery in about 10 minutes. Something isn’t right.

I really like Time machine, it’s great. I like alot of their new features, even though, I admit, leopard could have used a bit more testing before release.

Hopefully they release a fix-it pack soon. But I still like it!

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