Monday, November 12

MacBook Pro Goodness

I bit the bullet.

I went out this weekend and purchased my first Intel based Mac. I didn't buy the first gen (or the second gen for that matter) MacBook Pro (MBP), simply because, usually, it's a bad thing to buy Apple hardware in it's first gen. (Except for the iPhone currently)

But the MBP is excellent. It's not hot, it runs fast (even with it's stock 2 Gigs of RAM), and works flawlessly. The MBP had Tiger on it when I bought it, but came with a Leopard install disk, which is nice.

The only thing that I had problems with was, my old wireless card from AT*T was PCMCIA. The new MBP's have Express card slots. So, I had to get a new card. Which the guy at the store, let me tell you, was a prick. Dude, obviously, if I come in, ask for an exact model number for a laptop card, tell you I already have an account (which he had to verify, because he didn't believe I already had a SIM card), I have obviously already looked to see if my computer supports it.

He insisted that OSX was not supported and the card wouldn't work. Well uh, no, it's not supported by AT*T that doesn't mean that it's not supported by the card manufacturer. (Option) What a tool, anyway...

I get the card home, plug it in, and wtf. The lights are flashing.. huh? What did I do wrong? Oh, I had the SIM card inserted backwards. My bad.

Flipped it around, and it worked fine. In fact, not only did it work fine, but Leopard has NATIVE DRIVER SUPPORT for it. No loading 3rd party software, no wierd communications spyware... err.. manager i mean... It just works. Nice little toolbar access to the card. Very nice.

Anyway, I gotta go order my other two Gigs of RAM for this thing, so I can love on it some more.

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