Tuesday, December 29

Getting Urlview to work on Snow Leopard

I've been using Mutt lately.  (I'll post more later on how I overcame my objections to it.... and how to make it work with multiple Gmail accounts forwarded to each other -- which was my major headache actually).  Unfortunately, urlview crashes if you download the source (ftp://ftp.guug.de/pub/mutt/contrib/) and compile it natively on Snow Leopard.

Well, after a ton of searching, posting to the Mutt Mailing list and what not, Brenden Cully (The maintainer of the fink package for OSX) posted this patch to urlview.c.  The code will make urlview compile correctly and run on Snow Leopard (10.6).  I still haven't figured out the bugs with lbdb and ABQuery on Snow Leopard yet, but once I get that patched up, we'll be good to go.  Then I'll post why I've finally reverted back to using Mutt (instead of Gmail) for my desktop email.

@@ -506,10 +506,11 @@                                                                                                                    

          free (url[current]);                                                                                                           

          url[current] = strdup (buf);                                                                                                   

          endwin ();                                                                                                                     

+         quote (scratch, sizeof (scratch), url[current]);                                                                               

          if (strstr (command, "%s"))                                                                                                    

-           snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), command, quote (scratch, sizeof (scratch), url[current                                          


+           snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), command, scratch);                                                                              


-           snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), "%s %s", command, quote (scratch, sizeof (scratch), ur                                          


+           snprintf (buf, sizeof (buf), "%s %s", command, scratch);                                                                     

          printf ("Executing: %s...\n", buf);                                                                                            

          fflush (stdout);                                                                                                               

          system (buf);



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jstorimer said...

Thanks, just what I needed.

Benigno Calvo said...

Hello, I am getting an error when trying to apply patch, do you have the file anywhere for download? What version of urlview does this one apply to?.

I am trying to setup mutt for the first time, to be used with my gmail accounts, and want to give it a good try, any extra info will be more than welcome.

Thanks for the post.

Joel Esler said...

Well, it was to the current version as of the writing of this post, I haven't checked to see if it's been implemented into the main code.

Benigno Calvo said...

It has compiled alright, and appears to be working until you try to access a link, when you do that, it doesnt open anything. Even though I have it with command COMMAND open %s
If I try open whatever from the shell it works alright opening a new tab in firefox.

Any Ideas what might be wrong ?

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