Monday, December 21

Facebook User? Might want to check your settings.

Many of you that use Facebook may have clicked right through it.  But recently Facebook made a couple changes to their privacy settings that you may want to take a look at.  You can read about the settings that they have changed here.  Basically Facebook did two things, first, if you have never made any changes to your privacy settings in the first place, Facebook altered your default privacy settings so that everyone can now read your postings, your status, your friends.

I have a feeling that most of the readers of my blog may value their privacy and may have realized that these settings were taking place.  But you might want to double check that these settings are up to your standards.  Basically, there’s two points that I’d recommend that you check.

Log into Facebook, click Settings in the top right, then click Profile Information.  Review each one of the items for the correct settings, the most important one being the “Search” section.

When I clicked on it today, I was presented by this pop-up:

So, weigh that statement against the “rather safe than sorry” thought process, and make of it what you will.  I still clicked on “Search”, then unchecked the “Index” button.

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