Tuesday, December 8

Google Chrome for the Mac has reached Beta

Happy to see this, because I know several friends of mine have been working on this in the background at Google, and what a good job they have been doing as well.  I have visions of these guys in dimly lit rooms sitting around keyboards, their faces awash in the white glow of XCode, furiously figuring out the bugs and features to put into the Mac version of Chrome.  Okay, enough of that visual.  (you know, keyboards surrounded by cans upon cans of Mountain Dew...)

This morning Google released the Beta version (this is as opposed to the Alpha version that I talked about here) of Google Chrome for the Mac.  (and Linux as well..)  The biggest thing that I noticed that it supported was that it imported all my bookmarks from Safari for me.  Switching to Google Chrome was like,  basically a kid waiting to be put in the big game in school.  Standing on the side lines, sometimes used, sometimes not.  Safari being my primary resource for anything web-related.  Now, with full pads on, helmet in hand, my Quarterback for surfing the information superhighway is now Google Chrome.   I've handed the playbook of imported bookmarks over to Google Chrome, and my new browser has taken the field.

It's quick, it's stable, and each tab launches in it's own process, or thread.  This is priceless, as a crash in one tab does not mean the whole browser will die.  Just that tab.  Well, that's the theory anyway.

Give it a shot.

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