Monday, December 21

Moving to Wordpress

I just wanted to put out that moving to Wordpress, from Blogger, is probably one of the more painful experiences in my life so far.  But I found out a few things.

First things first, I found out that Wordpress, is actually, a really good platform for webpage creation.  Notice that I didn’t say blogging, it does that too, but it does a really good job for just basic webpage creation.  Probably the easiest “plug and play” system there is.

Problem is, I can easily see how there are so many security issues with Wordpress.  With plugins, themes, different pages, tools, etc..  This thing is php all the way through, which means, who knows that problems there are in the back of the system.  No more than any other blogging platform though I guess.

So, all my posts from Blogger have been moved over here now, and through the magic of mod_rewrite, things are working well.  I am going to be implementing mod_security as well, which is perfect because I recently received a new ModSecurity 2.5 book that I am reviewing.  So I’ll use the book as a chance to really evaluate the techniques to secure this website.

Currently I have two websites.  This blog, and another domain that I maintain, which I am going to be pointing over here as well.  Since I am basically consolidating all my content into one page.  I think this will make my life slightly easier, and really, that’s what moving to blogger was ultimately about.  Total customization in a nice neat package.

However, for now, there are still some 404’s that I am seeing.  Not sure why they are appearing, but I am going to have to fix those.

So for now, stay flexible, as I am still playing with the site.  I’ll get it squared away as soon as possible.

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