Wednesday, November 15

Smartphone switching

Okay, so for about a year and a half now, I've been using the Treo 650. It's a nice phone, except that:

A) The battery sucks.
B) Email SUCKS
C) Useability sucks

So recently, I switched to the Blackberry 8700. YES. now THIS is a nice phone. I've never used a Blackberry before, and always looked down on those who do as being "Crackberry" addicts. But now I see why. This is a nice damn phone. Battery life is excellent (lasts about 3 days while using Cell phone and email regularily), bluetooth, and the EMAIL!! OOOOH the email!!! Push technology is so freaking great.

Things I miss:

The IR port.
The extensive amount of Applications for the Palm Platform (although I haven't found a program yet that I haven't found a blackberry equivalent for)
The ability for it to charge from my laptop (Yes, I know some people have done this with their Palm [points to Roesch], but I didn't so I suck okay?)
Auto Sync.

Blackberry 10, Palm 5. 4th Quarter.

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