Tuesday, November 14

San Francisco

Alrighty, so I'm here in San Francisco. Again.

I like this town, not as much as I like Chicago, but San Fran is cool. I'm staying in Chinatown at the Hilton Financial District. I highly recommend this hotel if you are a Hilton Gold or Diamond member. (and you achieve Executive level floor). I don't know what the regular rooms are like, but the desk in this one is bad ass.

Anyway, so I am teaching this Sourcefire 3D class for my company. I really like teaching. Allows me to interact and share my thoughts on topics with several people. I like being able to get and give opinions about topics with me. Lots of fun.

The new Snort book is coming up. Should be soon. I think everything is being finalized getting ready for print. Go pick up a copy.

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