Thursday, November 9


Following up on my post to Delta: I had someone email me and ask me how it went...

1. They refunded my ticket from ATL to AGS
2. They also gave me 10,000 miles for my problems.

However, I made Platinum Medallion in the meantime, so I don't know if they did all that stuff because I am Platinum now, or were they just being nice.

We'll see how things are different for Platinum. As much as I have flown over the past many years, I have never made Platinum, (I could have done it a couple times, but could never dedicate to one airline). I've have flown (almost) exclusively Delta in the past 9 months, and I have achieved over 85K miles in those 9 months.

I'll probably break 100K by the end of the year.

All I know is, I have a flight booked for my butt to fly to San Francisco on Monday, and I already have a First Class seat. (Delta upgrades Medallion members based on status, ticket fare, standbys...etc.. there's a bunch of criteria.) But I do know that I have the last seat in First Class, which means, when the 3 day marker rolls around for Gold members (Saturday), no Gold members will get upgraded.

So I guess my Platinum Status is paying off already. We'll see if I get my upgrade on my return flight. So for now, has saved face.

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