Friday, June 16

Stuff that I basically think is really f'in dumb. pt 2

Okay, you people in the airport, that feel a need to talk on your cell phone IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY, LOUDLY... knock it off.

Today I was in the ATL airport (and in the Orlando Airport, and in the Augusta Airport), and I saw one of these turds. Pay attention to the queer in the red shirt.

(Right click on the below link and "Save As..." (Save the video on your desktop)
Click here for video

So this dude.. Has a bluetooth headset and a phone, but he's CARRYING his phone. The point of the bluetooth headset (yes I have one) is to not HAVE to carry your phone.. If you are going to carry your phone, put it up to your ear asshole.

Now, here's some action shots. Because this dude was apparently moving so fast, the pictures are blurred.

Now, you will notice from these shots (and the video) that the dude is pacing. back and forth, back and forth.. talking LOUDLY on his bluetooth headset, while holding this big ass verizon whateverthehell it is phone in his hand.

What a sphincter. K, i feel better.

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