Thursday, June 1

How to Manage Really Smart People

Want great people to work for your security department? Here's what you do:

1. Hire Really Good People
What is a "good hire"? you can usually spot a fishy situation if you're paying attention. Someone who lies on a resume, doesn't have good references, doesn't pass a background check or just can't back it all up (give them a technical test in the interview!!) is not to be trusted. Don't hire them.

2. Set them Free
One you have the right people in the right place doing the things they are good at, leave them alone. Micromanagement pisses smart people off.

3. Give Credit
Never, ever take credit for what the smart guys do. It pisses them off, and they'll quit.

Is it possible that three simple rules can make you a great manager? yes. Hire the right guys, set them free, and give them all the glory. It works.

Poritions of this entry written by "C.J. Kelly" whose name and employer have been disguised.

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