Thursday, June 29

How to install Mutt-ng on OSX

First. Go download Mutt-ng. I'm not going to help you with that.

after you download muttng, tar zxvf


Next you wanna see the options you need to configure the box with... so type:
./configure --help

This will show you all the config options, now, I had to compile mine with imap support and with ssl support so I used...

./configure --with-imap --with-ssl --enable-hcache

After that gets done: make install

It will installl the Muttngrc file in /usr/local/etc

Go there and edit that to your config. If you need help doing that, go to the mutt-ng website and download the pdf, read.



tina oiticica harris said...

That's why my CS husband is configuring some new stuff for me. Come see me today, later on. I can talk most subjects. Futebol, not today.

roblingelbach said...

Joel, are you still preferring mutt-ng over

I may go back to mutt after using for a couple of years because fails in these areas:

can't call vim or emacs to edit

can't call external scripts (perhaps it can, but not shell scripts) to do nice fancy .signature customization

line wrapping in internal editor is weird

and... I miss mutt :]

Joel Esler said...

I am still using muttng. It works great.

I only use it when I need access to my email, and the only way I can get to it is via ssh. I use when I have a full fast internet connection.

You'd probably have to use AppleScript to call external scripts.