Thursday, June 15

Stuff that I basically think is really f'in dumb.

Okay, it has come time for me to just jot down a few thoughts about shit that I think it stupid. Hopefully this won't wind up being lame, I just feel that maybe, just maybe, if I write it down, then someone else will write it down, and then the madness will stop. Although since everything must balance, more madness will spring up in it's place.

Some things written here will be from some various stand-up comedy acts. I'm not trying to copy. I could care less with what they said, or you think. I just agree with what the comedian says, therefore -- blogged..

1. Referring to female Comedians as "Comedianns" (or whatever the hell they want to be called)
2. Telemarketers
3. Airline announcements.
a) "Pre-Boarding" -- How can you get on the plane before you get on the plane?
b) "De-planeing" -- Apparently they didn't want to say "getting off"
c) "Seat Area" -- How about "around your seat" -- "for any items you may have brought on board" -- wtf, am i going to check for items I DID bring on board? or May have?

4) Yellow (or any color really) racing stickers on cars. People, the stickers are on PROFESSIONAL cars because they have SPONSORS. Your frickin Honda Civic doesn't have sponsors, take the shit off.
5) People who play Golf (yes I do), but instead of putting their sunglasses on the top of their hat when they take them off, they put them either, on-backwards around their neck, or on-backwards on the back of their head. People -- PROFESSIONAL golfers do this so they don't cover up their sponsor on their hat. You don't have a sponsor, put your glasses on right. Moron.
6) Political Correctness -- Why can't we just say what we think
7) Doing things because you can, and not because you have a need to. Where I used to work (NOT WHERE I DO NOW -- although i still run into this alot) people used to write Snort rules to detect.... ANYTHING. They didn't need to write a rule to detect a ping, but they could, so they did.
8) People who use Windows, not because they have to, or because they don't know any different, but, people who know the difference and STILL use Windows, because they don't want to deviate from what they know. (IOW -- refusing to learn new things)

More to come as i think of stuff.

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