Monday, March 28

Chinese police arrest super hacker

Chinese police arrest super hacker

Not a SUPER HACKER!! In addendum to my rant I wrote earlier concerning the title "hacker".. when do you become a hacker.. then when do you become a "SUPER HACKER"..

I guess when you 0wn 100,000 machines?


Anonymous said...

The media folks must watch that gawd awful "hackers" movie evertime the want to press a story about infosec.

Personally, I like to think of it this way...when someone in the "community" labels you "hacker" then you can fly the glider. When you have proven yourself to certain folks then you can fly the glider. If you grabbed JpegODeath from a board and tag 50,000 websites you are a script kiddie and worthy of scorn the world over...except to the HoneyNet project folks who use you as comic relief.

I have the glider on my site. Do I deserve it? Dunno...ask the folks in the "community". More often than not you'll get "who the hell is that?". Some folks that I respect in the infosec world(one of the few GCFAs out there) say yes.

Let's gather around the CTF game at Defcon this year and we'll see. ;)

Joel Esler said...

I am going to try and make this year. Don't know if I'll CTF at all, I haven't been to Defcon in awhile, so it'll be a refresher.