Tuesday, March 22 - Reservation in 'shock' over school shootings - Mar 22, 2005 - Reservation in 'shock' over school shootings - Mar 22, 2005

Not sure really how to weigh in on this situation. When I was in high school, we had kids in our school that had guns in the gun racks out in the car. I knew kids that had guns in their lockers. When someone said that, we all freaked out. I mean, I am not an anti-gun advocate. I believe in guns and I believe that guns are important. I don't believe in gun control, but I believe guns should be controlled.

My whole thing is in this situation, is where are the damn parents? Stupid ass parents raising stupid ass kids. I'd like to do a study that would be able to show if parents whouped their kids' asses when they were younger, would they turn into high school killers.

Get this.. The gun came from the grandfather. Who is a retired... Cop. A person who should definately know better. I'm related to several Cops. All of which have their guns locked up. All the time. Stupid ass kids.

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Oh yeah...I knew I would like you from our brief interactions on the Dshield list. After this post...well...we gotta get together and have some beer. ;)