Tuesday, October 27

More Mustang stories

Last time I updated you on the Mustang, I said that the starter was the fault for it not wanting to.. well..  start.  I figured while the car was up at the shop I would have a new header and exhaust put on it as well.  I caught a lot of heat for that, saying "that's not what having a classic car is all about!"  True.  You have a point.  However, I am glad I didn't do the work myself, as I was going to head up and pick up the car tonight after work, but I called and made sure it was getting done and they told me some news...

Getting the header off was a bit harder than expected.  Seems like some of the bolts were missing, and the rest broke while trying to get them out.  Seems that this is the first time in 41 years that the headers have come off the engine since it was assembled in January of 1968.  Gaskets were dry rotted and shot, bolts were rusted, missing, and impossible to get out.

But alas, they did get it them all out, they have the new header on, new mufflers hanging and they were fabricating the dual exhaust (see, they don't make a "dual exhaust setup" for my engine/car) when I called up there earlier today.  I wanted to get the car in a nice running condition to where I can drive it and have fun doing so while I am building out the new engine/trans/rear/suspension..  etc.

So hopefully things will be done soon.

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David said...

I thought you decided it wasn't the original engine based on mismatched VIN numbers or something... Maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Joel Esler said...

The block number is the same between 68 Falcon's and Mustang's, they were made on the same assembly line, so you can't tell by stamp code. So it's technically a correct engine, however, the engine that is in my car had air conditioning. My car doesn't have air. I think the engine/trans was swapped whole at some point.

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