Monday, October 26

Google Chrome for the Mac released


Google released a "developer preview" of Google Chrome for the Mac finally.  Actually, you've been able to get a hold of it for awhile, but the copy that you could get, from Google, was essentially the developer developer preview.  It worked, but only in some areas.  I was using that for a long while, and I was quite happy with it.  But Friday of last week, Google finally put out a version of the browser that is a bit more..  "working".

You can grab it here.  I've been using it as my default browser since Friday exclusively, and it's been operating great so far.  The features that I appreciate the most about the browser, for some reason, is the "tabs on top" (considering Chrome is essentially a hopped up version of Webkit (Apple's open sourced 'Safari' browser that they use for development)), and the fact that each tab runs in its own process.  Which means if one tab crashes, the whole tab doesn't crash.  Which I appreciate a lot.

It's super fast when conducting Javascript type applications.  Google Docs, Gmail, Gcal, etc.  I can definitely appreciate the speed when it comes to my Gmail since I have over 7 Gigs of email, the ability to search through that and have it render quickly is a major plus.

Safari was my default browser before this, and while it's also very fast, when comparing the two browsers against Firefox, Firefox, unfortunately doesn't hold a candle, as far as speed goes, on the Mac.  So if speed is your thing, try out Chrome/Safari.

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