Saturday, August 29

Snow Leopard, so far..

Been running Snow Leopard since yesterday. As Apple promised, on the surface, you can't really tell that anything is different. When you click on the dock, you notice the popup is different. You notice the stacks are different when you click on them. You notice the 20Gb (Yes, GB!) of space on the Harddrive that you get back. (20 on my machine at least.)

But the thing that I noticed so far is the speed. Especially in Safari when it comes to javascript. Loading things like Gmail come up almost instantly now. Further pointing out how much faster Snow Leopard is than it's predecessor. The installation took about 45 minutes on my wife's laptop, was very smooth, and had zero problems.

So far it's running like clockwork. If I run up against ill experience I'll make note and post it, but so far, it's running like a top.

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Anonymous said...

I have had trouble reloading my wireless printer; a Canon 860.