Tuesday, August 11

Hey, something is different here....

So... You may notice something looks a little different here. I moved a couple things.

I moved the blog from's servers, back to blogger's servers. I have my reasons, mainly, because I lost a lot of visibility into my reader's favorite links.
I also changed the theme. As much as I like the black background, it can be a bit difficult to read, and I might change it around a bit, as I really don't like this theme either, but we'll see. Now that I am back on blogger's platform, I have a lot of flexibility around the design of the site. Like, full html/css access to everything.

I brought only the best posts over from the other blogging platform (iWeb). Basically all the best ones that had the most comments and things. I didn't bring the comments over, if you want to comment on the posts, you may, and I'd encourage it.

Thanks to my loyal readers.

Please leave comments below.

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