Tuesday, August 4

Defcon was awesome, you should go next time.

Just wanted to say hello to all my friends that I hooked up with at Defcon this year. It was great. Great parties, good friends, good talks, good times. I’ve put up a couple videos that I took during Defcon, one being this one:

Of the Bendy Girl at the IOActive Party. She was good. DJ Keith Myers did an excellent job of DJ’ing the party on Saturday.

I went to several talks, one being the Adobe 0day “debacle” talk. Where the disclosure of the PDF Vuln from Adobe was discussed. I think the presenter (from Shadowserver) did a good job of trying to explain the benefits of partial disclosure, full-disclosure, and non-disclosure. I still think full-disclosure is the way to go.

In any case, good times had by all, thanks to all for making it a great, safe, Defcon.

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