Friday, September 12

Wow, Um, So hey, how you doing?

Haven't Blogged in awhile, I've been working on some other stuff as well over at

For those of you that haven't seen, here's a bit of mac news, Apple released iTunes 8, a new set of iPod Nano's (going back to the more vertical shape), updated and dropped the price on the iPod Touch, as well as refreshing the iPod Classic line.

Basically, for the holiday shopping season. Good stuff.

They also released an update to the iPod Touch software (2.1), and it has some nifty features in it (like the Genius feature from iTunes 8.0). Reports are also, that it is faster. The iPhone update 2.1 is supposed to hit today, so I might blog again with some updates about that.

Otherwise, for those who know me, and know that i have been on a single customer site for the past year+, I have 12 days left (including weekends.)

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