Sunday, September 21

A tale of Physical Fitness

Quick background -- I used to be in the Army. I joined the Army in 1997, and got out in 2003. In the Army we used to have this thing called a PFT, or Physical Fitness Test.

One of the events in the PFT was a 2 mile run. I was always pretty good at this event, as I am not a huge guy. My best time in the 2 mile run was 10 minutes 26 seconds. A pretty respectable time. But, that was about 8 years ago. I was pretty good at running and ran several 10k's, 5k's and even a marathon. (Honolulu Marathon 2000)

I recently had a friend of mine, who is NOTORIOUS for making outrageous claims, say he could beat me at a marathon. Well, seeing as how this dude weighs about 100 more lbs than me, and is almost a foot taller than me, I KNOW I can beat him. 100 bucks says I can.

So I went out yesterday, got me a new pair of running sneakers (which I haven't had in about 5 years -- not even a new pair, but a pair period) and a Nike+ module for my shoe. (You know, one of those things that goes in your shoe and connects to your iPod Nano and tracks your progress)

I have to say, that's a pretty cool little thing. Now, please keep in mind that I haven't ran AT ALL in about 5 years. Not even to the mailbox. So this morning I woke up, and ran my first two miles.

I'm happy to report that I am still alive. I am also happy to report that I can still pass the 2 mile run on the Army PT test. But I have a long way to go to build up to 26 miles again. (Seeing as how, before the Marathon I ran in 2000, I as 8 years younger and trained by running 10 miles every morning).

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Chandler Bassett said...

You can do it, sir. You can do it.