Monday, September 15

OSX Update 10.5.5 and Security Update 2008-006

Just hitting the streets, as we speak, Apple released OSX update 10.5.5. Built into 10.5.5 is Security Update 2008-006, marking the 6th major security update of the year. So aside from the ton of updates in 10.5.5 for OSX Leopard, check out the below updates included with it.

Keep in mind that Security Update is not just for 10.5 (OSX Leopard), being that it is also available for 10.4, Desktop and Server releases.

This update releases updates to the following items:

ATS -- Apple Type Services -- CVE-2008-2305


10.5 -- Updated to 9.4.2-P2

10.4.11 -- Updated to 9.3.5-P2

ClamAV -- Antivirus included with OSX Server

Updated to version 0.93.3.

CVE-2008-1100, CVE-2008-1387, CVE-2008-0314, CVE-2008-1833, CVE-2008-1835, CVE-2008-1836, CVE-2008-1837, CVE-2008-2713, CVE-2008-3215

Directory Services x2 -- (Something I found interesting -- Vulnerability reported by the "IT Department of the West Seneca Central School District". Not your usual reporter. Very nice) -- CVE-2008-2329

Finder x2 -- CVE-2008-2331, CVE-2008-3613

ImageIO x4 -- CVE-2008-2327, CVE-2008-2332, CVE-2008-3608, CVE-2008-1382

Kernel -- CVE-2008-3609

libresolv -- CVE-2008-1447

Login Windows x2 -- CVE-2008-3610, CVE-2008-3611

mDNSResolver -- CVE-2008-1447

OpenSSH -- CVE-2008-1483, CVE-2008-1657

QuickDraw Manager -- CVE-2008-3614

Ruby -- CVE-2008-2376

SearchKit -- CVE-2008-3616

System Configuration -- CVE-2008-2312 (For 10.4.11)

System Preferences x2 -- CVE-2008-3617, CVE-2008-3618

Time Machine -- CVE-2008-3619

VideoConference -- CVE-2008-3621

Wiki Server -- CVE-2008-3622

So, all in all, quite a few updates here in this one.

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