Monday, August 4

This weekend (Defcon)

So, every year I look for people doing live blogging/posting from defcon with pictures.  Well, this year, I am going, and this year I am going to do my damndest to keep everyone posted.

So, I am going to twitter here.
I am going to post media (pictures and such here)
I am also on facebook, but I am probably not going to be doing that much there.

And I am also on loopt.  If you are on loopt, and you want to add me, and you have my mobile number, feel free to send me an invite.  If you do not have my mobile number, send me an email, (whether you are going or not), send me an email, and if I know you, i'll give you my cell and you can hook up with me via loopt.   Loopt supports alot of phones, (not just the iPhone), so go check it out and see if you can join in.

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Unknown said...

Loopt doesn't support the BB 8830 on Verizon yet, otherwise I would. I'll be at BH (but can't stay for DC).

Text me if you're there before I leave Thursday.



Joel Esler said...

Email me your Mobile Number. I don't think I have it in my phone.