Tuesday, August 19

iPhone Update 2.0.2

Hot on the heels of Apple's 2.0.1 update, they post 2.0.2.  (Kinda quick wasn't it?)  In true Apple fashion, they don't tell you what they fixed other than "bug fixes" (gee thanks).    I'd like to see my 3G reception fixed!

I live in a 3G area, and normally get great reception, but sometimes, when it's down to one bar, and the phone doesn't switch over to Edge like it should in that case...  It'll just drop signal totally.

But reports are coming in that faster browsing is taking place, typing lag may be reduced (thank you!), and the transition from music list to Coverflow is different now.

Thank you to AppleInsider for the ideas on what has been fixed.

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1 comment:

peter said...

I experienced a similar problem. When I bought my iPhone though, I first checked Got Reception? ( - a great resource for finding out where reception problems are most likely to occur BEFORE you lock yourself with a specific carrier.