Tuesday, August 19

My LinkedIn Policy

When I first started on LinkedIn, I had a policy of "add whomever requests it".  About two years ago, I reversed this thinking, and started thinking that if this was a network of business professionals, then I am only going to add people who I can actually attest to their personality or work ethic.  (Positive or Negative.)

So now, I only add people that I have met or worked with.  I have absolutely no problem adding people I know, or have worked with before.  However, I do not just add random people.  (and am extremely suspicious of anyone that has the "500+" marker in their profile.  (Professional LinkedIn add-ers.)  I've started a couple podcasts and blogs recently and since then have become inundated with requests to add me.  Some people I know, but have lost touch with, have actually found me and got a hold of me again.  But I've had tons of requests (probably over 100) from people I don't know.

So, if you requested to add me, and I haven't accepted, and you are not sure why, now you know.  If I do know you, or have met you, and just don't recognize your name (i'm bad with names), email me.  My email is over on the right.  If you want to request to add me, and you know me, or have met me, then that's great!  Just make sure, in your request to my profile, put where you know me from!

Otherwise, you can find me here at my blog, or here on twitter.  

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