Monday, April 14

For those of you with Twitter

If you don't have twitter, just ignore this post.  Or if you have twitter, and you don't like John C. Dvorak, skip it too.

If you follow anything about John C. Dvorak (famed journalist that writes for alot of publications, most notably PC Magazine -- Recently quoted saying dump Microsoft all together and buy a Mac...  (okay, that was off-topic)) you'd know he doesn't do much of anything that is the new social networking/web 2.0 stuff.

Well, he recently joined twitter, presumably to give Leo Laporte something more to talk about on TWiT.  (Which, yes, I listen to.)  Anyway, if you are a twitter user, and you enjoy Dvorak's rantings as much as I do (hey, it's funny!), add him right here.

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