Monday, March 6

Fort Myers, Cont.


Apparently VP Cheney messed up the whole traffic flow of Fort Myers today. (Naples too). Let's just hope he's not hunting.

I can't remember which hurricane tore through here, but there are still signs of destruction everywhere. Signs destroyed, trees leaning unnaturally at a 33 degree angle because of the wind.

I was in Orlando last year, about a month after.. whatever hurricane hit it. And it was tore up.. but here we are.. HOW many months/years after that big hurricane took out this area? Things are still in a destructive mode? Crazy.

People seem nice around here though, and I have a nice hotel, so I can't complain much, however, it was kinda cool seeing VP Cheney's Modified Air Force Cargo plane sitting over there on the tarmac, and his motorcade hauling ass through town. He is supposed to give a speech somewhere around Naples at 6:30.

P.S. Naples is in Collier County. The Home of Ray Finkle. The one and only athlete to come out of Collier county and one HELL of a model american.


Anonymous said...

If Cheney was hunting, we could only hope Hillary was about 30 yards downrange and he was using 00-buck. LOL

Anonymous said...

Next time you're in Ft Myers check out the Edison Estate.

I was there long ago and it was worth the time.