Tuesday, March 28

28 days...

Okay, I am not catholic, however...

I gave up Mountain Dew for Lent. Yup, just Mountain Dew. I can have any other form of caffeine, even Mellow Yellow, but I had to give up Mountain Dew. (It was basically a challenge from my wife to me :)

Began 1 March, Ash Wednesday, and goes to 15 April (the day before Easter).

Background... I drink alot of Mountain dew. Prolly upwards of 24 -48 ounces a day. (2-4 cans)..

I had alot of headaches at first. I stemmed them off by drinking Pepsi. I love Pepsi (coke is too syrupy). But as all headaches are, I got over it. Plus I like to do stupid stuff like, put my body to the test and things. (i'm stupid sometimes)

However, recently it's been harder, (I love Mountain Dew), I've taught a couple classes recently in my job, that had catered food. Refrigerators full of MD for free. Right now I am at a client site that has a refrigerator full of it, again, just for the taking.

Man this sucks. How many more days?

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