Tuesday, January 31

One button trackpad for Apple?

Here is the article that is wondering why Apple went with a one button trackpad instead of a two.

The Answer is simple, Steve Jobs wanted it that way. They have always had one button, and even if they did goto two buttons, it would probably function like the Mighty Mouse. It would look like one button, but depending on where your finger was pressing on the mouse, it would function as two. (And only if you had that functionality enabled). When I first moved to Apple, 3 years ago now, I found it annoying not to have a contextual click (right click for you Windowz users), but I quickly got over it and found out that life was actually easier not getting buried in contextual menus. Everything is accessable in a mac via the ONE click mouse (left click, or.. just Click). It just takes a minute to get used to.

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