Tuesday, January 31

Intel processors to make Apple easier to exploit?

Lenny says no. I tend to agree, just because Apple switched to intel isn't going to make shellcode easier to code from processor to processor. It just the fact that the kernel is more secure, has a built in firewall... etc..

"One other argument for why it's easier to exploit x86 chips is the old CISC vs. RISC debate, but essentially in reverse. The notion is that it's easier to program CISC processors in assembly language, so it's easier to write exploit code. This has only the slightest suggestion of truth to it.

On top of being largely irrelevant, it's not even as true as it might seem. The PowerPC instruction set is famous for being the most complex of RISC instruction sets. It does have many RISC characteristics like regular instruction formats (all 32-bit), but it does many unRISCy things, like permitting misaligned data access."

Good point.

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