Thursday, June 16

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Confessions of a Pilgrim » WorldNews

Holy Wayne. You are ageniuss. I absolutely admire this blog entry. One of the best entries I have ever read. What the darn democrats are doing todecimatee our society is awful.

By the way... I've been to Guantanamo Bay.. Andd even though I signed a non-disclosure statement, and can't repeat what I saw.. I will state that what a small remainder of the media is printing about how WELL they are being treated down there, in my personal opinion.. is totally true.

They have an OCEAN VIEW! That exact real estate on Puerto Rico would cost millions.

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Anonymous said...

Genius? heh. Ask my wife about that!

You might want to change the link to this:

That has to be the entry you are talking about. The one titled, "Have you forgotten?"?