Wednesday, June 29

Going into the Military

Recently, secretly, (I've haven't told my wife about my thoughts) I've been thinking about going back into the Army.

Actually, I've been thinking about what it would be like if I went back into the Military. It's a different Army now then when I got out. The Soliders are different, but it is also weaker (IMO). They promote everyone to E-5 (read: I didn't say "NCO", you have to earn the righ to be an NCO) without even going to a promotion board!!

I miss the guys. I miss the life, the fun, the deployments, (the 30 days vacation). The Army is a great place, and I loved it when I was in. I got out just before the war started (actually was Medically discharged) and missed the whole thing. Sad.

Ironically, I can't go back in. The only way I could get back in is with a Medical waiver. The only job I could do would be a secretary (back injury)... I'd want to go back in as infantry, and I know my back couldn't physically handle it, so that kinda dashes my possibilities.

But I miss it.
Do I believe that everyone should serve? Yes. Do I believe that everyone is eligible to serve? No.

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Anonymous said...

There are ways to serve in this fight that do not require a uniform. A series of elite anon proxies and your local Starbucks or Choice Hotel are nice to have though.

Then visit this site:

Pick a target and go at it.
...ummm....not that *I* would do such a thing of course...ahem.