Friday, June 17

To my loyal readers

First off, thanks for coming to my blog. Never in my life did I think by writing down my thoughts on stuff, (which I think are funny, and could care less what other people think about them) did I think I would get this many hits on my page.

Last month (May.. for those of you that will read this entry in July) I averaged about 198 hits a day. Almost Two hundred hits. A DAY. That's just crazy. I know some of you are thinking, "well what about worms? Crawlers? Bots?" Nope. That stuff isn't counted in that number. If I were to count that number it would be ASTRONOMICALLY higher. That number is counted from Unique individual IP's logged in the access_log here in Apache.

This month (June) is a totally different Story. Maybe because more kids are out of school and have nothing to do but crawl around the Internet.. I have no idea... but I am now averaging over 400 HUNDRED hits a day. Still not alot when you look at Google (who gets something like 4 million a day), but 400 Hundred a day. On a blog. On a 286 Machine in my Office.

Here it is.. the 17th (I actually achieved this on the 15th...but..) and I already have DOUBLE the visitors I had last month. So By that number if the pace keeps up, I'll probably triple that number..

A couple requests of all of you..
1. Thanks for coming, bookmark me, or RSS feed me (Handy for actual browsers like firefox and Safari), and come back.
2. Leave a comment. I do get alot of arbitrary comments, and people email me alot, which is cool, but I'd like people to leave comments on the webpage. About anything. Just Leave comments. They are funny. Consider this a place to express yourself, and tell people what you REALLY think about certain situations. No one is going to come back on you, and if you post anonymously, I'll never tell anyone who it really was.

Things I am going to do:
1. I know i am turing into the Drudge Report because all i do is blog news. But I am going to start putting actual comments and other funny stuff I observe and think needs a comment on here.
2. Keep the good news coming. I read ALOT of news during the day. ALOT of it. So I'll keep the good stuff coming. Plus my obligatory comments on them.

Remember to Bookmark me, or RSS feed me... Come back often.

Also in the right column, I had such a good response to my White guy dancing lessons video, that I am going to get all those funny emails that people send me in email and put them on the website (look at the right column). If you have a funny video that is floating around in email land (you know you all get them), email them to me at my address (listed in the right column), and if it's good, I'll zip it and put it on here.

Thanks everyone for your participation, and be sure and leave lots of comments!!


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