Wednesday, October 5

Steve Jobs

Over the next few days, there will be countless specials, news casts, and thrown together documentaries about Steve Jobs and Apple.

Everyone will be focusing on his products. The iPod, iPhone, the personal computer, and the iPad. This was a part of his legacy, but not his genius.

His genius was how all the products worked together in a single coherent strategy (iCloud is a perfect example). Making everything work together seamlessly. Simply.

So that my two year old could operate it, as well as my 75 year old Dad.

You could interact with any of the products without an instruction book.

I think the best example of that is Siri. Being able to interact with your devices in a natural language way.

His genius was how everything was simple. The packaging, the website, the buying experience, the product, the operation, the genius bar. The way Apple itself functioned.

This was his genius. He was a visionary in the best way.

Call me a fanboy all you want.

He was smart. He demanded brilliance. He settled for nothing less than awesome.


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