Wednesday, October 19

MacOSX Flashback Trojan is covered by ClamAV

So called because it looks like an Adobe Flash Installer. There seems to be a ton of news around this Trojan on various Mac-related websites. for instance.

We wrote protection for this in ClamAV about 5 days ago.  I know a lot of Mac users run ClamAV, so I just thought I'd throw this out there.

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Christoph Murauer said...

Hy Joel !

Good information but a installation tutorial for Mac OS X is missed on the ClamAV website.

For experienced users or people who run Lion (SL) Server it is no problem to use or to build the engine ... but I think people who are new to Mac OS X or ClamAV should also get the chance to use this great things (we all are beginners in the past).


P.S. : if you find it helpful you can link to my tutorial (sent you the link in the past).

Joel Esler said...


Your guide is both on the blog, and on the frontage of

Christoph Murauer said...

Thanks for posting it.

Do you have some ideas or suggestions for the content ?

Anonymous said...

A new version of ClamAV was posted.

Christoph Murauer said...

@Anonymous :

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I saw the new version.
I will rewrite my tutorial - maybe ClamXAV is also updated in the meantime.