Wednesday, October 19

E-mail improvements in iOS 5 - iPhone J.D.

E-mail improvements in iOS 5 - iPhone J.D.:

Sorry, a link to another interesting iOS 5 article. Sorry if I am not adding a bunch of color commentary to each of these articles. I am blogging them because I think they are of interest to the readers of my blog. (Which, according to the stats, most of you run OSX.)

I am sure some of my friends will accuse me of trying to draw hits to my blog instead of twittering about the article directly. Here's the truth to that: When I post to my blog, Twitter picks up the article and tweets it immediately. If I don't post to my blog and only to twitter, the readers of my blog through direct links and RSS feeds won't get the article.

So it's a loss either way. So I post on the blog, and it goes to both.

Anyway... read the article. ;)

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