Thursday, April 1

Apples iPad: The Mothership Prepares for Launch

Stephen Fry comes to us from regaling us of his tale of his recent visit to 1 Infinite Loop.  Stephen Fry is a great writer and tells a story about how he met and interviewed Phil Schiller, Eddy Cue, and Steve Jobs.  Then he tells us about his instant love with the iPad.

Many articles have been published about the iPad this morning that came up in my RSS reader.  I read Walt Mossberg's, I read Andy Ihnatko's.  Stephen Fry's didn't just tell a tale about the iPad, it told a tale about the design of it, the use of it, and the love affair he now has with it.

I have pre-ordered one, as I unabashedly like Apple products and clearly see a potential for this device (and as of this morning it has left China).  I'll be posting my own review of the device here for family, friends, and blog readers alike.

I have several family members waiting patiently to see what I think of it before they buy.

Check it out at the link below:

Apples iPad: The Mothership Prepares for Launch - TIME.

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