Wednesday, March 24

Mustang Status...

Had the car taken to the shop today.  I've removed most of the engine, and am to the point where I can't do anything else with the tools that I have available to me.  I don't know how to weld yet (I am learning, on the "job" training as it were), excuses, excuses, so anyway, to the shop the car went.

I guess I didn't get all the coolant out of the system when I was taking that portion apart.

This picture shows how much (well it kinda shows) I've stripped out of the car already.

I didn't take a picture with the hood up.  Should have...

Of course I'll post pictures along it's progress.

What I'm putting into the car:

  • 351W motor, custom built crate engine (400-450 hp) (on order)

  • New front suspension

  • New radiator and coolant system

  • New 8in rear

  • New spindles (4 lug to 5 lug)

  • New Rims + Tires (obviously)

  • New T-5 Transmission

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