Tuesday, October 14

Google Calendar Syncing, MobileMe, and iCal

Recently I've had to start keeping my Calendar on Google Calendar. (For a really good reason, and, it's not the free version of Google Calendar either.) However, I didn't know how I was going to get my iCal to publish to Google Calendar, AND sync with MobileMe at the same time.

Well I started trying to connect iCal to Google Calendar via CalDAV, which I wrote about in an earlier post. However, Google's implementation of CalDAV is still kinda broke. You can't really schedule people's time, you can't see their availability, you can't call people up from the address book, and you can't have To-Do's on the calendar that you are syncing, so that breaks a bunch of stuff for me.

So I was going to try and just keep my calendar on iCal, and have it publish to Google Calendar, well, that wasn't going to work either for a couple reasons. I actually can't remember all the reasons right now, but it had to be something really big for me to abandon it right away.

So I started looking into Apps that would sync my calendars for me. So I came up with BusySync.

So I took the following steps, since my calendar was maintained in iCal, YMMV, but good luck:
1. I exported my iCal calendar and put it on my desktop.
2. Logged into Google Calendar and imported my iCal calendar into Google Calendar (took a few seconds, I have a rather large calendar).
3. Deleted my local calendar in iCal.
4. Fired up BusySync and told BusySync to Sync my Google Calendar to local iCal.
5. Viola.

Since BusySync syncs a calendar to a "local" calendar (as opposed to a "subscribed" calendar) everything works fine, in fact, MobileMe will sync your calendar right down to your iPhone.

Problem Solved.

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