Monday, October 13


Some insight.

So, here I am at 1,001 posts. What do I have to say? Absolutely nothing more than what I said at 900. Do what you do, say what you say, and people will be interested.

Between my 900 and my 1000 posts, I've picked up about 200% more readers (rss subscribers) and average about 500% more hits a day.

Recently I've picked up a bunch more readers through subscriptions, it's basically like a heartbeat diagram that keeps going up. When my name is mentioned somewhere, or I do a post on the ISC or something, I get a huge influx of readers, then it dies off a little bit, but a few stick around to see what nonsense I have to ramble about. It hasn't been much lately as I've been pretty busy with work and what not.

I'll try and get more active in the future. I promise. I've just got alot going on right now, I'm lucky if I can get through my email.

Speaking of which, I need to do another "processing" email post, as I've changed alot about that.

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