Thursday, October 2

An actual meeting held via iChat

Earlier this week, me and three of my coworkers held a 4-way iChat Video Conference as a meeting. It worked great.

Of course, as bandwidth decreases, the video codec is dynamically reduced, however, the 4 of us had a face to face video/audio chat for over an hour about some code testing. It worked great. I've been using iChat to do one-on-one meetings with one person for a couple years now, however, never had the opportunity to have a call with 4 people. (Never had the bandwidth to sustain it before), and now that I have FiOS... awesome.

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1 comment:

SecBarbie said...

I love iChat for collaboration. It's too bad that Mac doesn't have as many collaboration tools native. I've been trying to find a project or share point equivalent for the mac.