Wednesday, August 9

Leopard vs. Vista

Apparently, Paul Thermott over here is a Windows fan.


I'm an Apple fan. While he does bring up some good points, leaves out some others, and basically rants about how little of a significance stuff like 'Time Machine's' graphics are (Apple does this to LOOK GOOD, that why it's done), he does bring up some good points.

One he leaves out, and I think of people missed..

Leopard introduces the ability to make a Dashboard widget out of any website. To have live content on the Desktop. MS did this awhile ago.. It's called 'Active Desktop', agreed, not as pretty, and very clunky, but it's done tech.

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Scott said...

Time Machine is a truly good idea: It helps you automatically back up everything on your system and restore earlier versions of files at any time. But this was a great idea over three years ago when Microsoft first added it to Windows Server 2003 as Volume Shadow Copy (VSC, or "Previous Versions" to end users).

Thats Windows SERVER, ugh....idiot

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